La Varenne


Confidence Menu

From monday to wednesday

Consult the Chef


Focaccia du jour, French baguette, whole wheat baguette, brioche, butter,
olives tapenade and Boursin cream cheese. 15,

Lunch Menu

Monday through Friday (except holidays).


Green salad with cherry tomatoes, garlic toast and baked carrots.

Arugula salad parmesan, tomato confit and onion vinaigrette.

Grain salad with purple onion, tomato, olives and mint.

Polenta with lamb sauce.

MENU I (with appetizer and dessert of your choice) 64,

Bouillabaisse Provence dish with fish, seafood and herbs

Beef Stroganoff La Varenne.

Buffalo mozzarella ravióli with fresh tomato sauce.

Grilled chicken with Roquefort, Mustard or La Varenne sauce and side of your choice butter tagliolini, mashed potatoes or grilled vegetables.

MENU II (with appetizer and dessert of your choice) 72,

Grilled salmon with mixed grains and herbal olive oil.

Robalete with herbal oil and grilled vegetables.

Fresh fettuccine with beef fillet and mushrooms in fresh tomato sauce.

Lamb shanks with creamy polenta.

Grilled entrecote with Roquefort, Mustard or La Varenne sauce and side of your choice butter tagliolini, mashed potatoes or grilled vegetables.

MENU III (with appetizer and dessert of your choice) 89,

Grilled sole with herb oil and Sicilian lemon risotto.

Shrimp ravioli with mango chutney in curry sauce.

Grilled beef fillet with Roquefort, Mustard or La Varenne sauce and side of your choice butter tagliolini, mashed potatoes or grilled vegetables.

MENU VEGGIE (with appetizer and dessert of your choice) 60,

Marinated tofu with balsamic aceto, grilled eryngui mushroom, pumpkin mousseline, tare (soy) sauce and pepper jam.

Vegetable curry with saffron and coconut milk with chickpeas. Side dish: Moroccan couscous.


Chocolate mousse with coffee sauce.

Orange Crème caramel.

Lemon Tarte with raspberry coulis.

Fruit salad.

Appetizer or dessert 18, (ask your waiter)

Sommelier Suggestion

Wine by the glass 120 ml 22,

White La Playa Chardonnay 2015 Chile

Rose Rioja Bordón Rosado 2015 Espanha

Red Vina Amália Reserva Malbec 2013 Argentina


Steak tartare with chips. 57,

Arugula salad with grilled brie cheese and fresh strawberry jam. 43,

Quinoa Salad with vegetables, apricot and cashew. 42,

Salad with chèvre, pear and pecan nuts with citron and honey. 29,

Octopus carpaccio, páprica, Sicilian lemon and sprouts. 47,

Gadus morhua codfish ravioli with organic egg yolk. 29,

Lobster Ravioli with puy lentils and foie gras. 48,

Gravad lax salmon Carpaccio with palm julienne and l’ancienne mustard vinaigrette. 55,

Ouef en cocote with tomatoes and mushrooms. 21,


Fresh Fettuccine with basil pomodoro and buffalo mozzarella. 54,

Fettuccine to the cream of fresh mushrooms and funghi porcini. 58,

Peruvian Parsnip gnocchi, shrimp and broccoli with crispy cured ham. 80,

Brie cheese ravioli and fresh fig compote. 62,

Rabbit Tortelli with roast sauce and burrata cream. 70,

Ossobuco tortelloni with saffron fonduta. 68,

Tagliolini with Sicilian lemon cream, shrimp and arugula. 76,


Aspargus and brie risoto. 60,

Fresh tomatoes risoto. 52,

Fresh mushrooms risotto. 54,


Magret d’canard (duck breast) with mashed potatoes and orange sauce. 102,

Canard Confit with tucupi sauce with radichio and pear risotto. 108,

Grilled chicken breast fricassé with vegetables and mushrooms and tarragon cream. 60,

Fish and Seafood

Grilled salmon with leek and Sicilian lemon risotto. 90,

Fresh fish of the season grilled with parsnip mouseline and olive oil of herbs. 132,90

Provençal seagrill and risotto with chives and lemon. 138,90


Grilled Pork tenderloin with mashed manioc, cognac sauce and plum chutney. 68,

Grilled lamb rack with tagliolini in sage butter and herbal garlic sauce. 139,90

Roasted Lamb shoulder with creamy mushed potato. 118,90

Grilled entrecote and roti sauce with tagliolini on Italian funchi cream. 99,

Tournedos Rossini with mashed parsnip. 139,90

Filet Medallion with poivre sauce and Gran Formaggio parmesan risotto. 108,

Filet mignon with roquefort and arugula risoto. 92,

Grilled T-Bone with fettuccine in parmesan sauce and green salad (to share). 150,


Cup of doce de leite (sweet milk caramel) with coconut ice cream and strawberry jam. 25,

Sicilian lemon Crème brûlée. 24,

Mille-feuilles with crème pâtisserie. 29,

Doce de leite (sweet milk caramel) Petit gâteau with pistachio ice cream. 39,

Delices au Chocolat – composition with milk and bitter chocolate in different forms: profiterole cream puff, mousse, chocolate slices and cake. 38,

Cumaru Nuage with tropical yellow fruits cooked at low temperature and oats tuille. 35,

Italian Meringue. 25,

Jug of hot chocolate sauce. 14,

Fruit. 14,

Ice cream (chocolate, berries, coconut, pistachio, yogurt with amarena or vanilla). 18,


Mashed potatoes. 18,

Taglioline with butter. 18,

Parmesan risotto. 26,

Green salad. 14,

Vegetables. 18,