La Varenne



The restaurant is located strategically in the Food Court of the Patio Batel Mall, and offers the most accurate techniques of the French cuisine, along with a touch of the Italian cuisine and Brazilian flavors. Combined with the best French technique for the preparation of dishes, the restaurant uses extremely fresh and high quality ingredients.

Besides having selected local suppliers, La Varenne also brings to its kitchen ingredients such as the wild Alaskan fish or the Sardinia Truffle or Tartufo. The fresh and extremely light pasta is handcrafted, giving the Italian touch to the menu.

Name La Varenne

The restaurant’s name and inspiration comes from the historic French Chef François Pierre de La Varenne (1615-1678), author of the book Le Cousinier François. The book has been used as a reference for Chefs de Cuisine around the world up to our days. La Varenne, responsible for the meals of the French King Louis XIV, revolutionized the 17th century kitchen. His innovative culinary experiments, such as reductions sauces, soufflés and baking, described in the book, are still practiced at the present-day. The middle age cuisine steps out of the scenario to make room for a lighter cooking, with more natural flavors and with the use of spices and new vegetables, like, for instance, artichokes. The Chef was responsible for the separation of salted and sweet meals. Before him, sweet and salted ingredients were served on the same plate, or in the same stage of the meal, apart from a starter, a main course and the dessert.


With a capacity for 134 people in an area of 460 square meters, La Varenne accepts reservations for lunch and dinner, along with reservations for events. As it offers a private room for up to 12 people, it is perfect for business meetings or an informal celebration.


Veja Comer & Beber 2014/2015 – Best Revelation, Best Contemporary, Chef of the Year
Bom Gourmet/Gazeta do Povo 2014 – Best Appetizer ( Gadus Morhua Codfish Ravioli with Organic Egg Yolk ), 5 Stars Chef.
Bom Gourmet/Gazeta do Povo 2015 – Best Restaurant, Best Main Dish ( Roasted Lamb Palette ), 5 Stars Chef